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[The video feed turns on to show Goku, who's much smaller than usual. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it, though - it wouldn't be the first time this happened to him in Luceti, and he tends to be adaptable. He looks unsure at the start of the video, as he doesn't know if he's got it working, but when he thinks it is, he gives a big wave to the camera.]

Hey, everyone! It's Goku. [In case the hair wasn't a dead give-away.] Just figured I'd let you know that I'm a kid now. If it's anything like that time I turned into this guy named Captain Ginyu, it shouldn't last very long!

[For most of the week, he'll just be going around town, trying to adjust to his newfound lack of height (not that hard when you can fly, but still) and seeing how weird everybody's acting this week.]

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[Erza will be, as usual for these sorts of events, looking around for any familiar faces.  By the time night rolls around, she can probably be found in Seventh Heaven - not only does she really need a drink right now, but she figures that any members of her guild might head in that direction, given that it sort of resembles the guild headquarters.] 

[Goku is just going to fly around the enclosure - if there's any familiar ki signatures among the crowd, he'll probably be able to sense them.  Also, while he's out here, he'll do his best to bring people back into town if they're lost somewhere outside of it.]

[As for the Joker, he'll be wandering through the crowd, trying to figure out what the best way would be to cause some sort of huge panic. In an attempt to blend in, relatively speaking (and make it so nobody rips his wings off while his back is turned), he'll be wearing a trenchcoat to cover up his wings. They're rather uncomfortable, stuffed into the coat like that, but he's used to some form of discomfort given how many times he's been at Arkham.]

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[Given some of the reactions that this topic has gotten from other people, it's surprising that Goku didn't bring it up earlier. Then again, he's considered it the norm for years now, so he doesn't see anything odd about it. Still, it came to mind recently, so he figures he should ask about it now rather than wait and forget again.]

Back home, we've got these things called the Dragon Balls. They're these seven magic balls - dunno what they're made of, but they're really tough! - that summon a dragon when they're all brought together! When he shows up, the dragon'll grant pretty much any wish that someone asks him, then he'll go away for a year and the balls can't be used to summon him during that time.

What I was wondering was... does anybody have something like that in their world? Or at least something that grants wishes. I heard there's a pokey man [That is to say, a Pokemon - he'll probably never get that right.] that can do that, but I haven't heard of anything else, which is kinda weird.

...Oh, an' for those who don't, I've got a question - if you could wish for one thing once you make it back home, what'd it be? [He doesn't want anyone to feel left out, after all.]
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March 26th - 29th

[When Goku wakes up in the morning on the 26th, he'll be in a bed that's far too big for him. Goku's been de-aged all the way back to twelve years old, before he even met Bulma. He'll still have his memories intact, though - which would make it even tougher for him to get used to this situation! After all, he's a lot shorter than usual, with stubby little arms and legs, and he can't really control his ki that well like this.]

March 30th - June 3rd

[For these few days, Goku's getting a species change... into a pig! Monkey would have been too predictable - besides, he eats like one as it is! There's no real distinguishing features which make him seem different from any other pig - he'll try to get his clothes on, which might help, but they don't really fit this new body.]

June 4th - 5th

[For the last two days, seemingly just for contrast, Goku will be an old man. Not quite as energetic as he normally is, and prone to cracking his back more often, Goku will still be trying to do things during his training routines that his aged body can't quite keep up with.]

[On all of the days, Goku will be wandering around town like normal, looking to see what sort of things happened to everyone else, and trying to go through his daily routine in spite of the difficulties that these new forms create for him. Replies will come from [personal profile] minimonkey for icons.]
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Hey, everybody! If someone's stuff's gone, that usually means they're sent back, right? ...'Cause if that's what that means, then Bulma and Vegeta are both back home. [Or they moved out without telling him, but he figures that Bulma, at least, would have said something beforehand.]

But if that's how it is, it ain't too bad - at least I know I'll see 'em when I go back home, and back there, they're definitely safe! [Well, aside from dying at least once each, but they both get better, so it all works out. He's not too worried about Vegeta's safety, but there's always the concern that Bulma could die if someone like Freeza showed up.] Oh, and all this stuff from that beauty shop that Bulma started is still here, in House 29. I dunno if anyone wants to take over that or not, but it's here if you want to!

((OoC: Got permission from Tora as far as transferring the ownership of Pearl Eden, seeing as Bulma isn't around to run it.))
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[Today, Goku only has one simple question for the people of Luceti.]

I was wondering: who's the strongest person in the world that you came from?
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[With the moon getting ever closer, Goku's doing his part to repel it... or destroy it - whichever happens first.  Anyone who's still on the surface may feel a few extra non-moon-related tremors, and those out in the forest may hear some rather loud screaming or see some bright yellow light emitting from between the trees.]

Ka... Me... Ha... Me... HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

[Even if you don't feel, see, or hear any of that, the massive column of light shooting out of the forest towards the moon should catch anyone's attention.  If someone goes out to investigate, they'll find Goku trying to fire another Kamehameha at the moon, in his Super Saiyan Three mode.  He can't stay that way for particularly long, so he returns to normal in-between shots to give himself time to recuperate.]

Man... That moon's pretty tough...

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[Though he had been unaffected for the first several days of the experiment, Goku woke up one morning with a strange desire to become a wandering knight.  Thankfully, he had been blessed with a (rusty) suit of armour, and managed to find a (poor quality) sword in the weapon shop, but there were still some more supplies that he needed before he could truly call himself a knight.  Turning to the bizarre book-thing with his name on it, he makes a general request.]

Greetings, good people!  I have need of several things before I can begin my journey - particularly, I am in need of a noble steed, and some form of royalty who can properly declare me to be a knight.  As well, is there anyone who wishes to serve as my squire?  I have not much time, for adventure calls for me!  I can feel it in my bones!

[Throughout the day, he'll be wandering around town, solving any problems he finds (whether they're real problems or imaginary ones), and picking fights with buildings, believing them to be giants in disguise.]

((OoC: Basically, Goku's became Don Quixote, more or less.))

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 [The voice feed for this morning starts off with an obscured figure coughing up blood, which splatters onto the journal's camera.  Oddly enough, the blood is blue for some reason.  Pulling himself over to the journal, this face appears in the video, strained with pain.]

[The voice that comes out of the journal sounds rather deep and menacing, in contrast to what he's saying.]

C-Could somebody help me get back to the village?  I'm messed up pretty badly, so it'd take me a while on my own.  I don't think I can use most of my techniques like this, aside from the basics; the ki's all weird an' twisted.  

...Oh, and also, I'm kinda stuck in somebody else's body.  If you could get out here quickly, that'd be great.  I'm by a lake, if that helps any!

[Goku's been turned into Ginyu again, with the same sort of injuries that he had back at that time.  So there's a big bleeding hole in his side, along with a bunch of miscellaneous bruises.  Better hurry up; blue bloodstains are really hard to wash out of those New Feather pants.  He has all of his memories from home and Luceti, though, so that should make the situation a bit better.  Thankfully, it'll only last for about a week - there's no Ginyu around to trick into body-switching like last time!]

((OoC: Responses will be made through [info]ginyuforcerules ))
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[The first thing the voice post picks up is Goku fiddling with the journal, trying to figure out how to get the talking function started and not realizing that it's already recording.  The noises continue for a few minutes before he sets the journal down.]

Okay, I think it's working now.  Hello, everyone!  My name's Son Goku, and I've got a very important question: what place serves the best food around here?  Also, what's the best food you've ever had?  I don't need an answer for that one, but it's always good to try something new!
[After arriving, it hasn't taken long for Goku to get settled into living in Luceti; being sent to another world is fairly normal compared to time-travelling bug-men or planet-destroying genies made out of bubble gum.]


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